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As the saying goes, it’s not what you’ve got but how you use it. That’s why Elastomers Australia provides a range of specialist services delivered by our team of screen media experts.

Every mineral processing operation is unique so there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our highly experienced team and the services we offer are important parts of your overall success. Our screen media specialists become part of your team and are measured on the results they help you achieve, whether they are working in-house or at client sites around the country.

Solutions Specialists

PROCESS ENGINEERS: Our Process Optimisation Engineers focus on developing and implementing key metallurgical and process engineering strategies and initiatives to improve screening performance on site.

SCREEN MEDIA PROJECT ENGINEERS: Elastomers Australia’s Screen Media Project Engineers provide technical and engineering support to the manufacturing component of the business as well as assist with the development and maintenance of materials supply and service contracts. Each Project Engineer has significant technical and management experience, ensuring optimum results for our clients.

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS TEAM: Our Business Solutions Team meets with client stakeholders on a regular basis to identify objectives and the agreed action items. This promotes information sharing and the opportunity for product development and innovation. The team acts as the bridge between clients and Elastomers Australia’s R&D Department, ensuring site requirements result in innovative solutions.

SCREEN MEDIA SOLUTIONS SPECIALISTS: Our Screen Media Solutions Specialists coordinate onsite maintenance and service, mitigating the risk of unscheduled downtime and ensuring the safe, timely and accurate completion of all required tasks. Our team’s level of training, knowledge and experience is unmatched in the screen media industry.

Labour Service and Training

LABOUR SERVICE: Elastomers Australia provides a specialist labour service to clients by individuals who have undergone extensive training in our systems, processes and products, as well as carry all necessary qualifications and endorsements required by our clients. Click here to access a copy of Elastomers Australia’s quotation terms and conditions for Supply of Good  and Labour.

SCREEN MEDIA SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE: All labour staff complete our specialist training program in-house, covering a wide range of areas that includes but is not limited to the technical, interpersonal (soft skills) and safety aspects of the servicing unit of the business. All service staff must graduate from the Screen Media School of Excellence and may be issued competency cards to demonstrate their ability and competence to carry out the required tasks.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Your safety performance is our priority. Any of our team members who visit client sites undergo rigorous training, have the necessary qualifications, ongoing access to support, and are required to understand and agree to all safety policies and procedures prior to attending site.

Reporting and Data Sharing

Elastomers Australia captures and uses a wide range of data, allowing us to prepare tailored reporting to meet client requirements and ensure optimal performance of screen media panels and broader screening operations. We also collate and utilise data from across our client sites, under strict confidentiality arrangements, to drive innovation and continual improvement.

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