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Service support for mining industry during COVID-19 crisis

Elastomers Australia provides screen media solutions, specialist service crews and mining screens to 64 per cent of Australian mines.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the Australian mining industry has continued to operate within limits and restrictions imposed to ensure safe workplaces. Due to the regional locations of Elastomers Australia specialist service crews, the company has been able to support  mining customers and operate within the various government mandated travel limitations.

Elastomers Australia also has a significant stock of locally manufactured screen media products stored at regional facilities, which has allowed service crews to quickly respond to customers’ needs. This has resulted in continuity of business for customers with processing plants being able to continue to operate without downtime. Elastomers Australia service crews also continue to monitor and optimise client operations to maximise plant efficiency.

As screen media service is a specialised capability, it remains an essential service to the mining industry, meaning Elastomers Australia’s customers have ongoing access to this resource in close proximity to their operations. This removes the need to use inexperienced labour, which not only increases the risk of OHS issues, but can impact the efficiency of plant operations if service work is incorrectly performed.

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