NSW staff rally to support community in need

Fri November, 22nd 2019

With the ongoing drought impacting much of NSW, staff at Elastomers Australia’s Singleton branch wanted to provide assistance to those in need.

Locals in the upper Hunter Valley town of Murrurundi, a little over 100km north of Singleton, are subject to Level 6 water restrictions, meaning one-minute showers and only using washing machines once a week.

The town’s local water supply ran dry earlier this year and locals had to resort to trucking in water. But due to the high level of chlorine required to sanitise it, the limited supply is not suitable for drinking, leaving residents reliant on bottled water.

Elastomers Australia service technician Steven Preston rallied the Singleton branch to do their bit and thanks to everyone’s generous support, a truck loaded with drinking water was dispatched to Murrurundi recently.

From all of us at Elastomers Australia, congratulations to Steve and the Singleton team on your efforts.