Lincoln celebrates 20 years in best of both worlds

Wed May, 12th 2021

After welcoming triplets to the world and knowing he was going to have his hands full at work and home, Elastomers Australia Business Solutions Manager Lincoln Wills realised how important it was to have a good work-life balance.

The birth of his three children certainly added a curveball into the mix, meaning some tough decisions had to be made at a time that Lincoln was mapping out his future career path.

As a “free man” with few responsibilities prior to starting a family, he commenced an apprenticeship as a boilermaker in Rutherford, NSW which exposed him to various tricks of the trade building CHPP’S and completing maintenance work.

Fast forward a few years and Lincoln was offered an opportunity for a CHPP operator job. But the 12-hour shifts were not going to work so well given the recent arrival of his triplets, and that’s when Lincoln realised what was really important.

His father, who was a long-term Elastomers Australia employee for 15 years, urged Lincoln to get his foot in the door with the company, which had a reputation for being family friendly.

The rest, as they say, is history. Just as his father stayed in the role for many years, Lincoln recently celebrated 20 years of service with Elastomers Australia.

The notion that you should not work with family was certainly not the case for Lincoln and his father. In fact, Lincoln admits it was a relief to put his own dad responsibilities aside while at work and enjoyed the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with his own dad.

“I’m grateful Dad encouraged me to apply for the role with Elastomers Australia all those years ago, which has given me the best of both worlds,” Lincoln said.

“It’s led to the opportunity to become a Business Solutions Manager with the flexibility to be around for my kids, making me the best dad I can be.”

“My Dad always used to say to me ’where there’s a wills, there’s a way‘ and that has been so applicable to my journey and is what I now tell my children.”

Reflecting on his time with Elastomers Australia, Lincoln says the fact it is a family-owned business is what makes for its family-friendly culture.

 “I am extremely fortunate to be in a company that values family time, which has made my job to date extremely manageable,” he said.

Lincoln says one of the other aspects that has kept him engaged with Elastomers is that no two days are the same and that is why he looks forward to the next chapter with Elastomers Australia.