Iron ore site data tells compelling story

Mon December, 21st 2020

Across commodities and mining regions, Elastomers Australia solutions are providing customers with substantial savings and significant productivity gains.

In the iron ore industry alone, data collected and published in our case studies shows some compelling results:

  • Screen optimisation programs led to site increasing production of 2.4 million tonnes per annum
  • Another site achieved significant cost reductions by reducing maintenance downtime, resulting in reduced costs for labour and product, and increased production hours 
  • The combined revenue growth across both sites was more than $480m per annum

That’s based on data from just two iron ore processing facilities. With Elastomers Australia screen media solutions being utilised at some 200 mines around Australia, imagine what the total savings and productivity gains look like.

See more examples of positive results in our CASE STUDIES, or CONTACT US if you’d like to discuss ways to improve your mineral processing performance.