Reducing magnetite consumption for coal operators

Wed January, 6th 2021


Elastomers Australia was engaged by longstanding clients in NSW and Queensland to help reduce magnetite consumption at their coal processing plants. The outcome saw significant benefits from both the reduction in magnetite consumption and screen media cost savings.

As part of the ongoing relationship and thorough understanding of the operations, the customer engaged with Elastomers Australia to assist in reducing their Magnetite Consumption.
Elastomers Australia were requested to implement a tailored solution that would reduce overall Magnetite Consumption whilst ensuring plant availability and production targets were not compromised.

Tailored Product
Integration service strategy
Through easa program initiatives and extensive stakeholder collaboration, coupled with ongoing data analysis, a tailored product solution was designed to reduce the Magnetite Consumption.

Integration service strategy
A custom designed servicing strategy and program was integrated into the site Operations, supporting the tailored product which targeted reduction in
Magnetite Consumption.

Reduction in Magnetite Consumption = $351,648 p.a.
Reduction in screen media cost = $24,000

Total annual saving of: $375,648


Due to various changes in the CHPP and coal quality being processed, the Magnetite Consumption increased, leading to unfavourable changes to total costs of operations. The overall objective was to reduce magnetite usage, to assist in lowering overall costs.

Tailored Product Integration

Through its extensive knowledge of the CHPP, Elastomers
Australia identified a number of opportunities to address high Magnetite Consumption at site. Elastomers Australia implemented tailored product solutions designed to address magnetite usage, without compromising
other maintenance and processing objectives.

Integration service strategy
The tailored product solutions were integrated and continuously assessed by Elastomers Australia’s experienced service technicians through its tailored service strategy, enabling the program to deliver significant reduction in magnetite and overall costs.

Reduction in Magnetite Consumption = 1,646,040
Reduction in screen media cost = $19,500

Total annual saving of: $1,665,540

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