Product and service integration across multiple sites

Wed January, 6th 2021

Elastomers Australia secured a services and supply contract for a key mining operator across 11 sites. A target of 12 months was set by the operator for integration of Elastomers Australia screen media across all sites.

In April 2015, Elastomers Australia was successful in securing a services and supply contract for a key mining
operator of 11 sites – four of which did not currently engage with Elastomers Australia. A target of 12 months was
set by the mining operator for integration of Elastomers Australia screen media across all of its sites.

Integrate all non-incumbent screen assets to Elastomers Australia while continuing to manage and service existing
incumbent screen media.

Each site had unique challenges and considerations but the broad focus of Elastomers Australia was to:

  • Align both commercial and site operations objectives to deliver the best solution according to the integration
  • Incorporate and utilise large amount of existing stock from previous vendors
  • Manage manufacturing and workflows to accommodate pre-existing site shutdown schedule

Upon contract implementation, Elastomers Australia worked with each individual site to follow the process outlined in our proven four step integration process.

This involved site audits and discussion of site objectives to formulate the most efficient steps required to complete full integration of Elastomers Australia screen media and fixing systems incorporating any existing products from previous vendors.

Complementary to this was a tailored service and maintenance schedule Elastomers Australia developed with each site to support optimal screen media performance.

Elastomers Australia met their contractual obligations and customer target by successfully integrating Elastomers Australia products to 82 screens across all the operator’s sites within the specified 12 month period.
Whilst Elastomers Australia had the capacity and capability to immediately transition the four non-incumbent sites, we worked with sites to integrate all previous vendor stock to complete the integrations in a 12 to 24 week period depending on site requirements and stock levels.

The successful servicing model introduced by Elastomers Australia also assisted to support key operational results including:

  • More efficient screening through servicing the screen media to aperture specification
  • Improving the production campaign by increasing wear life to reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Assisted in aligning customer commercial and operational objectives
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