Optimising iron ore production, Pilbara WA

Tue January, 5th 2021

Eight years on from designing and trailing a solution with the objective of transitioning cyclone plant shutdowns from 12 to 24 weeks, Elastomers Australia continues to work closely with the client to continually optimise outcomes.

Elastomers Australia was invited to design and trial a solution with the objective of transitioning the customer’s cyclone plant shutdowns from 12 to 24 weeks. The solution was trialled alongside the incumbent and one other supplier.

To demonstrate the solution, EA supplied a deck to trial alongside the incumbent and an additional competitor. After the 24 week cycle, EA’s solution proved to be the most successful with the least wear of the three options. EA was able to immediately implement a seamless transition plan and roll-out the solution over 3 x Modular shuts in a six month period.

Over the past eight years, EA has developed a highly successful working
relationship with the site.

Results have been highly positive:

  • The original objective to transition the shut cycle from 12 to 24 weeks
  • Plant availability increased by at least 200 hours per annum
  • Currently achieving a 48-week service cycle
  • Reduced panel consumption by 25 per cent, equating to a product
    saving of $500k p.a.
  • Additional cost savings and revenue opportunity achieved through increased plant availability. This is the result of an ongoing collaborative partnership with the customer and EA’s commitment to R&D.
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