Research & Development

We are driven to maintain and set new standards in the industry for ourselves and our clients.


A major part of our success can be attributed to our continuing commitment to technological advancements in the design and manufacture of high performance polyurethane and associated screen products. Elastomers Australia has been active in funding a variety of different research centres in pursuit of developing better base materials.  Advancements through this research, and in close consultation with our specialist raw material suppliers, have enabled us to pioneer in the production of a diverse range of patented products and systems.

Our past commitment has seen the following innovations introduced to the mining and mineral processing industries:

  • ElastoLok
  • ElastoFlex
  • ElastoTrommel
  • ElastoLok Sub-frame Protection Covers
  • ElastoLok Endless Off-set Aperture

Our research and development extends to the continuous improvement of our raw materials to optimize product performance.

Elastomers Australia is committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements by continual ongoing Research & Development thereby ensuring we remain the market leaders.