Standard Cross Tension Screens

The ElastoScreen Cross Tension Screen System replaces conventional woven wire, or fine punched plate screen systems, on cross or longitudinal tensioned screen machines without any modification to the existing machine subframe.

The ElastoScreen XT screens are strongly reinforced with high grade tensile steel. Press formed stainless steel hooked edges are precisely joined to the screen reinforcing ensuring that even tension will be applied across the screen when installed. Screens are designed to accurately butt and seal together when installed.

Particular care is taken when designing the screen cloth to maximise open area. Apertures (square hole or slot sizes) are available to the International Standard Series (R20), from 0.25mm to 50mm.

When using ElastoScreen tensioned screens it is recommended the ElastoScreen Polyurethane Stringer (bucker) bar cover should always be used. The ElastoScreen stringer bar cover eliminates the risk of screen whipping or flapping that softer rubber type covers may allow.

Steel reinforced Polyurethane side tension bars and centre hold downs are also custom built to suit the existing machine and hole locations.

ElastoScreen Systems are custom built to suit the individual requirements of each customers machine specification. It is therefore necessary to obtain machine side and subframe details. In this way the system will fit and operate efficiently without any modifications to the original equipment.