Bolt In Sieve Panels and Clamp Downs

The Elastoscreen panel system consists of Sieve Panels and Clamp Downs designed to fit existing screen machines without any modifications being necessary.  The totally embedded steel in both the panels and clamp downs accept all dynamic, load and fixing forces.  Where possible the components are dimensioned so that common parts are supplied.


The design of our injection moulded perforated section is such that the Elastoscreen panel system can offer the highest area for equivalent profile width of any polyurethane screening system presently available.

  • Flat Panel:  Stress relieved mild steel (low carbon) frame totally embedded in polyurethane and fitted with *injection moulded screening elements.  Our frame manufacturing method eliminates premature weld or section failure due to work hardening or fatigue
  • Cambered/Crowned Panel: High tensile spring steel cross wires and (low carbon) steel edges embedded in Polyurethane and fitted with injection moulded screening modules
  • Clamp Downs: Mild Steel totally embedded in Polyurethane and located to transmit the fixing forces through the panel steel to the machine frame.  All clamp downs use the strength of steel internally to accept all clamping and fixing forces, and combine the wear resistance and anticorrosive properties of premium quality Polyurethane externally to protect the steel.  Centre clamp downs are counter bored and plugged to protect the fixing bolt head.  The Polyurethane plug is water tight and removable.  The plug system eliminates bolt head water and corrosion, and reduces downtime for panel changeout.
  • Impact Blanking or Skid Bars to protect the screening surface from large feed materials are available
  • Special Aperture Profiles are manufactured to suit specific applications such as heavy duty profiles for drain and rinse from coarse drum or bath heavy media separation, and lighter duty profiles with higher open area for fines dewatering
  • Dams may be moulded onto the screening surfaces at any desired location
  • The *Clampon of clamp downs and dams can be used with the flat panel system (not crowned/cambered system) using polyurethane panels.  Refer to the data sheet on the Clampon system for further information
  • Stringer (Bucker) Bar Cover is recommended and available for use with our polyurethane Cambered/Crowned Panels. Stringer bar cover is available in continuous length to avoid waste.

*Registered Design