Endless aperture module for use in mining, quarrying & mineral process plants

The ElastoLok Endless Aperture module enables the installation of a continuous expanse of open area providing much greater screening efficiency.

Advantages of the Endless Aperture Module:
  • Fully interchangeable with existing ElastoLok modules
  • Increased open area
  • Increased drainage means improved moisture reduction
  • Increased media recovery
  • Increased product recovery
  • Increased overall performance efficiency
  • Continuous aperture from feed end of machine increases screening efficiency.

Features of the ElastoLok Modular System:
  • Unique interlocking system maintains screen integrity
  • Boltless side clamp for easy removal
  • Adaptable to all major screening machines
  • No modifications required to sub frames
  • Saves time and reduces maintenance labour costs
  • No special fixing methods required
  • Easy removal and re fitting of modules with a screwdriver type prising bar
  • Maximizes screen frame and hardware protection (particularly in wet screening) by reducing fines migration.


ElastoLok Endless Aperture Module showing central offset which increases screening efficiency.
ElastoLok Endless Aperture Module.