Flexible interlocking screen decking system for use in mining, quarrying & mineral process plants.

The ElastoFlex Modular Screening System is an advancement on the existing ElastoLok assembly giving the end user even more versatility and screening advantages, along with a substantial cost saving in screen media replacement.

Advantages of the 'alive' ElastoFlex Modular System:
  • Substantial cost reductions on replacement of screen surfaces
  • Weight reduction for replacement of screen wear surfaces reduces shipping costs
  • Screening efficiency of clay type ores is enhanced with an increase in flexibility of 'alive' screen surface without loss of sizing accuracy (as compared with weave type screens)
  • Occupational Health & Safety aided with significant weight reductions for maintenance personnel.
Features of the ElastoLok Modular System:
  • Unique interlocking system maintains screen integrity
  • Boltless side clamp for easy removal
  • Adaptable to all major screening machines
  • No modifications required to sub frames
  • Saves time and reduces maintenance labour costs
  • No special fixing methods required
  • Easy removal and re fitting of modules with a screwdriver type prising bar.


ElastoFlex flexible screening surface, partially assembled onto a ElastoFlex subframe.
ElastoFlex assembly including ElastoFlex Screen Module, Locking Strip, Protection Covers.
ElastoFlex flexible screen aperture surface.
The ElastoFlex sub-frame incorporates a steel structure totally encapsulated in Polyurethane, preventing corrosion.