Interlocking modular screen decking system

ElastoLok is a unique and patented interlocking modular screen system specifically designed to reduce labour and plant down times. The system incorporates all the advantages of the standard Elastoscreen Panel Systems.

Features of the ElastoLok Modular System:
  • Unique interlocking system maintains screen integrity
  • Boltless side clamp for easy removal
  • Adaptable to all major screening machines
  • No modifications required to sub frames
  • Saves time and reduces maintenance labour costs
  • No special fixing methods required
  • Easy removal and re fitting of modules with a screwdriver type prising bar
  • Maximizes screen frame and hardware protection (particularly in wet screening) by reducing fines migration.
ElastoLok Detail:

The ElastoLok concept features polyurethane moulded aperture sections (or elements) supported in a stress relieved mild steel reinforcing frame.

ElastoLok Screen Modules are fixed into place by a unique and Patented Interlocking System.

ElastoLok modules can be manufactured with apertures running with or across flow or blanked sections (or combinations of element types and/or blanked section) for feed-end impact or zone wear protection.

The Steel frame is fully encapsulated in castable polyurethane to ensure optimum resistance to abrasion and corrosion and as with all Elastoscreen Screen Panels and accessories, accepts dynamic load and clamping forces to eliminate premature weld or section failure due to work hardening or fatigue.

The ElastoLok Modular Screen Deck System requires no special fixing methods (apart from those normally employed to maintain screen ElastoLok* integrity) and in most cases, ElastoLok adapts directly to all major screen machines without modifications or additions to machine sub frames. After initial installation, the only tools required to remove and replace the ElastoLok modules are simply a hammer and screwdriver type prising bar. Maintenance labour costs and system downtime are dramatically reduced.

ElastoLok requires no fixing pins, or multi-part plug fasteners or any specialist tools for installation and removal. Furthermore ElastoLok has been designed to fit directly to the screen machine subframe and does not require any costly support frame installation that adds an extra weight component that may impede the machines initial design capacity.

A unique removable ElastoLok Cross-Dam system can be located at any intersecting module point along the screen surface and the locking strip is fitted with deflectors to ensure the passage of material over the screening surface.


The ElastoLok screen systems versatility enables it to be manufactured using a variety of methods and materials including polyurethane injection moulded elements, open cast type aperture sections, rubber, stainless steel and other perforated alloy metals.

  • Injection moulded type aperture elements range from 200 micron (0.20mm) apertures to 22mm apertures. This element construction produces greater open area than equivalent profile strengths of most other polyurethane screens available.
  • Open cast type aperture panels are available in a variety of sizes.
  • The ElastoLok modular system can also be manufactured to meet any unique or specific customer requirements with screen Modules fabricated using Rubber, Punched plate, Stainless Steel Wedge wire, Bissalloy and 3CR12 plates.
*Registered Design
The ElastoLok interlocking Module Screen Decking System is a revolutionary addition to the proven Elastoscreen Panel System, in use worldwide since 1980
ElastoLok Subframe protection covers installed with ElastoLok fixing rails and No Bolt side slats.
Cross sectioned view of ElastoLok Deck including two rows of intermediate Cross Dams that can be installed on any module join typically in-line with the No Bolt Side Slat joins.
ElastoLok Cross Dam.