Wear and Impact Liner Products

Elastoscreen Wear & Impact Liners are manufactured from Wear Resistant Polyurethane incorporating mild steel plate and fixing lugs.  Elastoscreen Liners are designed for direct fixing to Screen Feed and Discharge points to minimise wear and maximise material throughput. 

These custom manufactured liners are designed for easy installation and removal avoiding the time consuming and costly methods involved with fixing rubber sheeting or cutting-out and replacing worn steel sections on screening equipment.

In addition to Liners incorporating steel plate, Wear Liners of cast urethane only, that incorporate fixing lugs or provision for bolt-thru fixings are also available.

Elastoscreen Wear & Impact Liners are a superior alternative to rubber or other adhered linings that may in time break-away and cause obstructions to material feed and discharge.

Elastomers Australia custom design and manufacture specific Wear and Impact Liners for each unique and individual application.