Polyurethane Sieve Bends

The ElastoScreen Polyurethane Sieve Bend and Static Feeder system replaces traditional stainless steel wedge wire screens. This provides a screening system that is less susceptible to blinding, abrasion and decreases noise pollution.

ElastoScreen Sieve Bends

ElastoScreen Sieve Bends consist of accurate injection moulded polyurethane aperture sections (elements) that are set in a mild steel reinforced Polyurethane.

The injection moulded elements are laid in a staggered pattern in the direction of flow to eliminate material tracking along non perforated sections of the screen which increases overall efficiency. The steel frame gives the screen a permanent curve and takes all fixing and load forces.

The ElastoScreen Sieve Bend Screen surface is manufactured with a lead "cutting" edge which allows optimum screening upon first installation.


Accessories available for ElastoScreen Sieve Bends include Sieve Bend Bows, Wedges and Curtains.

ElastoScreen Sieve Bend Bows and Wedges provide an effective hold down system for ElastoScreen Sieve Bends and also prolongs the life of the machine side plates.

ElastoScreen feeder curtains provide the wear resistance of Polyurethane with the weight and rigidity of steel at the discharge end of the curtain. This system adds to an even flow onto the sieve bend.

ElastoScreen Systems are custom built to suit the individual requirements of each customers machine specification. It is therefore necessary to obtain machine side and subframe details. In this way the system will fit and operate efficiently without any modifications to the original equipment.