• With ElastoScreen, your sub-frame and fixing methods remain unaltered
  • ElastoScreen systems are light and easy to handle
  • Allows for easier fitting, less downtime and greater safety due to no sharp edges
  • The gasket effect of the polyurethane does not necessitate the use of sealing strips.

High Efficiency

  • Elastic properties of ElastoScreen assist in the release of near size particles and in most cases, reduces the loss of efficiency due to blinding of the apertures
  • Properties of ElastoScreen aid in the reduction of blinding due to caking of fine sticky materials like clay
  • ElastoScreen Screen Deck Systems utilise injection moulded polyurethane apertures manufactured to exacting tolerances This guarantees accurate screen sizing. Only larger apertures, not requiring the high degree of accuracy called for in smaller sizing, are manufactured by open cast methods
  • Different aperture sizes can be configured into overall panel or module layouts to assist with screening efficiency.

Long Wear Life

  • Choice of high quality materials and urethane technology assures foremost quality for high resistance to abrasion
  • Polyether is recommended for use in tropical or subtropical
    environments as protection against microbial or fungal deterioration
  • ElastoScreen means less downtime for change outs.

No Corrosion

Steel reinforcement is totally embedded, eliminating the risk of failure due to corroded steel. Full encapsulation of steel reinforcement avoids damage to sub-frames often caused by direct steel to steel contact.

Noise reduction

The elastic properties of ElastoScreen means reduced noise levels.


Zone wear or accidental damage is easily repaired.

Custom Made

All products in the ElastoScreen range can be designed and manufactured to meet customer specific requirements.